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Contact Information (for site related issues): Mike Shockley

Mike Shockley

 General Information:
  • Please keep in mind the site is a DRAFT, not the final product, and will most likely always be a “work in progress”.
  • I have no doubt that you will find some errors, misspellings, failures to functions, etc., thus I need your feedback to correct any problems.
  • The Web Address (URL) of the site is:
  • The site is optimized of a desktop and laptop computer, as well as mobile devices.
  • No Ads (advertisements) should display or pop up on the site; if they do please notify me.
  • There is a “Members Only” proton of the site and pages within require a Password. The site should retain your password once you put it in for one of the pages, thus you should only have to enter it once per session. The same password for the members only area is shared by all members of the Chapter.

About the Photo Gallery:

  • Additional Albums can be created as needed.
  • Albums can be named appropriately according to content.
  • Albums may contain photographs, clip art, videos, sound files and other Media.
  • Media file size should be kept to a minimum whereas the overall website space is limited.
  • Additional space can be purchased but it is costly.

Thank you for the opportunity to create and develop the Chapter’s website!